Hi! I’m Autumn Linde…

Autumn LindeI’m a writer, an artist and an elementary school teacher, among many things. I believe curiosity is the best guide. Cookies are best served for breakfast (actually, anytime really), and sharing your unique gifts is a must. I live, work and explore in the beautiful and weird city of Portland, Oregon.

I love to write. I love to create. I love to live a life of wonder and curiosity. And, I love to inspire a more reflective life in others. I hope to do this through my writing, through my words, through this journal.

I once read that the key to happiness is remembering what you loved to do when you were a kid and continuing it as an adult. What was that thing that you could and would spend hours doing, losing all track of time? What was that thing you woke up thinking about in the morning, and fell asleep thinking about at night? What compelled you to act?

For me, that thing was creating stories through art and words, and sharing them with others. I spent many solitary, wonderful hours illustrating and crafting stories guided by curiosity and fueled by many boxes of Golden Grahams cereal…Losing myself in worlds that I wanted to believe could be real.

Now that I’ve grown up to be a much bigger kid, I still find myself returning to those things, coming up with stories and illustrations. And, I get to continue this in the classroom as a teacher, guiding kids to find their voice as artists, as writers, as creative thinkers tapping into the infinite power of imagination.

As I’ve grown a bit older, I’ve discovered that the best part of creating is sharing with others. It is my hope to inspire a sense of wonder and curiosity in you. May your wonderings within these posts inspire you to be brave, to create, to wonder and to follow your curiosity.