Breathe, Color, Write, Repeat: An Adult Coloring and Writing Journal to Reflect and Reconnect with the Self

Breathe, Color, Write, Repeat: An Adult Coloring and Writing Journal to Reflect and Reconnect with the Self is an interactive journal pairing 30 coloring pages with accompanying guided writing prompts. Each prompt includes two lined pages with accent designs for more coloring. The purpose is to encourage meditative self-expression and relaxation through simple, reflective writing exercises. This journal is for those who lead busy schedules but want to join in on the popular coloring book trend, minus the intimidating designs of most books out there. The paired writing prompts encourage creative expression, sparking self-exploration from within through combined coloring and writing. It’s for those who simply want to sit down, open the journal and be guided, taking a break from all the busy decisions one makes in a day. This book is permission for you to take time for yourself. Grab a cup of tea and your favorite coloring implements, and simply begin. You deserve it!

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Color Yourself Whimsy: A Coloring Book For All Ages

Sail away on an ocean liner, or take a ride on a hot air balloon. Go on a mushroom hunt deep in the forest, or meet Hippo and her sweet, little friends. Color Yourself Whimsy: A Coloring Book For All Ages offers 30 unique, whimsical illustrations that will inspire creative play and smiles for young and old alike. Choose from a variety of quirky designs, playful characters and fanciful landscapes. The hand drawings range from simple to more detailed, suiting any ability and skill level. Each design is printed on one side to avoid bleeding through the pages. Whether you wish to relax alone with a cup of tea or have a coloring party with a friend, these pages are guaranteed to bring fun and delight.

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This is bird!

This is bird! And bird has wings that go flap-flap-flap. But do you know which part of bird goes blink-blink-blink or swish-swish-swish? Flip through these colorful pages that blend photography with digital illustration to get to know bird and the sounds he can make. Young readers will find themselves flip-flip-flipping through the pages over and over again.

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Add a Splash of Whimsy to Your Day: A Journal for Creative Play

Grab a pencil or your favorite pen. Bring along your crayons, colored pencils and gel pens. And most importantly, don’t forget your imagination. Let the creative play begin! Through vibrant and whimsical artwork, coloring pages and writing prompts, this journal will send you on a creative journey of play and inspiration. You will be prompted to dream big, transform your fears into an adorable monster, relax with a little coloring, and doodle to your heart’s content. Whether you are a little kid or a big kid, this journal has something for everyone. Who knows, perhaps a story or a doodle can turn into something more!.

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Burdz: A Unique Flock

BurdzWithin the pages of Burdz, you’ll meet a snarky parrot who strongly dislikes crackers, a crow with unique stripes, and a message from two little birds (or burdz, rather) that will help you take your first steps toward becoming a dreamer. But these are just a few of the feathered friends you’ll encounter.

This collection of quirky illustrations, poems and short stories invites readers to share a tale or two and learn how to harness the light that can lead each and every one of us to fulfill our grandest dreams. With colorful artwork and a mix of humor and reflection, this celebration of a unique flock leaves you with positive messages of dreaming big…and perhaps a giggle here and there.

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Buddy at the Beach

Meet Buddy! He is one of the friendliest elephants around. He loves to spend time at the beach, which is quite unusual for an elephant. Although he has a sweet smile and big blue eyes, he is very lonely and wishes dearly for a friend. One day, something quite unexpected happens that may make his wish come true!

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