It’s time to celebrate!

Creating books for young and old has always been a dream of mine. In fact, it has been my wish-upon-a-star-hold-my-breath dream since I was in elementary school. And now I recently released two new books, making that a total of three to my name so far. (Psst–More to be released next year!)

So, a celebration is in order. I’m going to celebrate by giving away two signed copies of each of my latest books–Add a Splash of Whimsy to Your Day: A Journal for Creative Play and This is bird!

Here’s how to enter:

First, subscribe to my website and stay informed of book releases, new art, freebies and other goodness. I promise to not bombard your inbox!


You have options!
If you are on Facebook…
Step 1: Like this post.
Step 2: Comment, telling me two things. 1) The title of the book you want to win. 2) What is your wish-upon-a-star-hold-my-breath dream?

For Instagram users:
Step 1: Follow me on Instagram at writeautumn.
Step 2: Like and comment on this post in my Instagram feed, telling me what your wish-upon-a-star-hold-my-breath dream is and tag one other person who dreams big, too.
Step 3: Tell me the name of the title of the book you wish to win!
Step 4: Sit back, relax and wait for my next journal post announcing the winners. (We all know that everyone is a winner regardless.)

Please know that your support is part of my dream of sharing my work with others. Thank you for your kind words, your orders and cheering me on along this journey.

Winners will be announced January 3rd.

Keep dreaming! Shine your light!