I’m excited to announce the release of two new books! Both have been a year in the making.

The first is a picture book for young readers that uses repetitive, simple sentence structure and onomatopoeia for a whimsy introduction to a fun character. This is bird! And bird has wings that go flap-flap-flap. But do you know which part of bird goes blink-blink-blink or swish-swish-swish? Flip through these colorful pages that blend photography with digital illustration to get to know bird and the sounds he can make. Young readers will find themselves flip-flip-flipping through the pages over and over again.

The second book, Add a Splash of Whimsy to your Day: A Journal for Creative Play is a journal with fun activities and artwork to inspire creativity. Grab a pencil or your favorite pen. Bring along your crayons, colored pencils and gel pens. And most importantly, don’t forget your imagination. Let the creative play begin! Through vibrant and whimsical artwork, coloring pages and writing prompts, this journal will send you on a creative journey of play and inspiration. You will be prompted to dream big, transform your fears into an adorable monster, relax with a little coloring, and doodle to your heart’s content. Whether you are a little kid or a big kid, this journal has something for everyone. Who knows, perhaps a story or a doodle can turn into something more! This journal is perfect for those young and old, who love to write, draw and color.

Thank you for checking them out! And I hope you find creative inspiration in one or both of them. Stay tuned because there is much more to come very soon.

Shine your light,