It’s time for a challenge. A creative challenge that is–31 watercolor paintings in 31 days!

Many artists take on creative personal challenges to spur growth, bust through creative blocks, gain more mastery over a medium, or simply engage in a regular artistic practice. Such a challenge also helps artists, like myself, find their voice and style. With school now out for the summer, the month of July is a perfect time for me to start such a challenge.

Watercolors are my favorite to work with, but I have a lot to learn and master. Enter the month of July, where I not only get to take on such a challenge but be part of something more.

World Watercolor Month allows artists around the globe to come together for the ultimate watercolor celebration.

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A Little History and the Why: Charlie O’Shields, the creator of Doodlewash®, is the founder of World Watercolor Month™. His own love of the medium led to the creation of a blog and social artist movement dedicated to promoting and connecting the vast community of watercolor artists all over the world.

What it is: It’s a month to inspire people to paint with watercolor while raising awareness for the importance of art and creativity in the world. And anyone can join the celebration from master watercolorists to artists just starting out with watercolor! Simply tag any art that uses watercolors (or gouache) with #WorldWatercolorMonth during the month of July!

And, best of all, taking part in this challenge helps to raise awareness for children in need of art supplies and art education around the globe through a partnership with The Dreaming Zebra Foundation! (This nonprofit just so happens to reside in my neck of the woods in Portland, Oregon.)

Check back as I will be creating a special gallery to showcase my progress and my 31 paintings–the good, the bad and the wonderfully ugly. If you so dare, take part in this challenge with me! Be sure to use the hashtag #WorldWatercolorMonth and tag me! Stay tuned for special details about each piece and how I plan to support The Dreaming Zebra Foundation with this challenge.

Here we go!