This is my word for 2017. It has many layers and can represent many ideas. It can be as simple as the release of the clutter that creeps into my apartment. (Shoes are the first that come to mind.)

Release can also represent the letting go of emotions and old beliefs that once served me, but now get in my way. Limiting beliefs about my ability as an artist, a writer, as a person. Friendships and bonds might also need to be released and allowed to move on. Those are usually the hardest to let go.

On a lighter note, release for me also means the shipping of more art into the world, more books and my first novel. It means the release of more creativity, as I grow and improve.

It’s time to release my fears, so that I can create more art and give it to the world.

I’m ready.

Of course, there will be moments when releasing something will prove quite difficult, especially when it comes to relationships and beliefs about the world and my abilities. However, it will be well worth it.

I wonder…

What is your word for the upcoming year? What do you wish for? Hope for?

Will it also be release? Or perhaps maybe yours will be a big, shout-from-the-rooftops, YES!

A yes to new opportunities, new relationships, n
ew growth.

Or maybe yours will be adventure, or perhaps to create.

To get you started, I have crafted a coloring page for you! I encourage you to take a moment and reflect, allow a word that sparks you to float up. A word that will guide you through the next year. Write that word into the tail of the star and spend some time as you color, thinking about all the possibilities that word entails for you. What could it mean in a variety of areas? Perhaps take a moment and consider why you chose that word – I mean, really why you chose that word.

I would love to see your words and your finished pieces. Seeing your work brings me great joy. And I’m confident that they inspire others, as well, to be brave, to be open and to shine their light.

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So, grab your favorite tool to color with and get to it!

May your next year be sweeter and brighter!

Shine your light.